This one is all about a recent sexy date and how things went a little bit wrong

This one is all about a recent sexy date and how things went a little bit wrong

Martyn offers some top tips for single guys too – handy if you’re trying to make an impression in the swinging lifestyle.

btitle15: the Thai food conundrum

Just like the song says – we fuck things up and make mistakes! Don’t worry though – it all turned out ok in the end. Honest. We cover a few of the things that have gone wrong on other dates too. And we have our final Secret Vixen blog at the end (this time Secret Stag reads his take on things).

btitle14: TV hopping time

Thanks for checking out our show. After some travel and adventures, we come back home to find that El juego de las llaves (Game of keys) season two is now available on Amazon Prime. We talk about the show and explore some other Swing based TV shows and movies that you might enjoy (and some you probably won’t).

We also have another reading of the Secret Vixen blog ( which gets a little naughty. Don’t forget, the reader is being a little distracted too.

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btitle13: Mrs H sees all

Thanks for checking out the bed hoppers podcast. This time around we head to the Unseen Lounge social in Nottingham with Secret Vixen.

We talk about some sexy fun, with Mrs H taking a back seat and watching the action. You’ll hear her report to Secret Stag – wow, that gets a little hot. And just when you think things are coming to an end, we have a special guest who reads a chapter of her blog (all while Mr H is attempting to distract her).

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btitle12: socially acceptable

Welcome to the bed hoppers podcast. This time around we talk about our social. That’s right – the one we’ve been banging on about for ages. We host our first ever social event. Was it a success? Did we party too hard the night before? Did we fail to host an orgy? Did we make up for it the next day? What on earth was pizza-gate? And why should you keep your eye on the naughty corner?

We answer all of these questions and more. As ever, there’s some fun stuff, some laughs, some love, some life and some learnings. A huge thank you to everyone who came along – and to those who tried – and to those who were there in spirit.

btitle11: The BBW interview

Thanks for taking a look at our show. This week we interview fabulous guests Kitty Dagger and Emerald Debauchery about all things BBW (that’s Big Beautiful Women). We find out about their lifestyle experiences, the ups and and downs and their advice on body confidence and ethical non monogamy.

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btitle10: the superhero conundrum

In this episode we talk about our weekend away with Hiscockhertail and Secret Stag and Secret Vixen. We cover some sexy play times but also reflect on introducing friends to friends and jumping back on the saddle. We catch up on Secret Vixen’s blog and talk about the bed hopper’s social.

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